Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Good evening, sir Tony. There was a first...for me that I quite cannot interpret in my dream. First, I want to say thank you about not posting a message for me on my birthday. I realized that perhaps you were refraining from saying again things that you have already told me. I think that will bring quite a bad luck if you did. Please correct me if I'm wrong with it.

"So, I dreamed within layers of dream. I do not recall every part of the dream but here are the ones that I did: "1st layer of the dream: I was with my younger sister. She got pregnant and wanted to run away. I comforted her and told her that I am always around. She can call upon me and I'll be there for her. I felt the unconditional love so much that it still lingers even now that I am awake.

"We went to this house where my boyfriend was. I was shocked as she was with my sister. He was the one who got her pregnant but my sister was not happy at all. It turned out that she loved someone else. That guy came and hugged my sister. They both loved each other so much but the guy had a family with two kids. My sister is now married with my boyfriend.

"I went outside, looked up and saw the shining and beautiful stars' reflection in the open sea. I was calm and at peace. "My interpretation: My sister was myself. I was afraid at the thought of marriage- starting a family with someone whom I am not quite sure that I could express my love fully. I was in love with someone else who had a family and now has two children. I gave him that hug of bittersweet goodbye- that everything will be okay. I accepted the fact that that could never be. Myself in the dream whom I think is my higher self remained calm and peaceful because she did it. She was able to guide hlme to make that decision despite knowing the pain that I was put through. She did not smile in the end. It was a feeling of peace that everything will turn out well in the future. The reflection of the beautiful stars and the moon in the sea shows just that.

"Then, I woke up to the 2nd layer of my dream: I was in San California, USA. There was a huge island. The end of the island was a well-constructed highway with an open view of the sea. I was living in the middle of that island. I was happy and content. I had company. I just did not know whom it was. *I was not able to interpret this well. "On the 3rd, I was outside of my dormitory when I was waiting for someone to have dinner with. Someone called me. It was my professor asking why I had not gone to school. So, I went to school.

"My interpretation: This was a typical scenario in reality. I did not think that it was of importance.

"In my 4th dream, I was with my sister again. She was in front of me and was crossing a somewhat tunnel-shaped pathway made of strings. I was happy, at first, observing how she was crossing very carefully and with patience. It was too narrow for both of us to cross. There was a woman in the back, furious about me not being able to hold on to my patience. I got irritated when the strings kept holding me off. I cannot move forward so I got my scissors and impulsively cut all the strings that were on my way and that were dragging me down.

"My interpretation: I sort of started just like my sister. I was patient with people who even are holding me off, I was still positive about it. I was keeping the relationships with faith and trust. Later in life, I got fed up by people who were constantly hurting me and destroying the loyalty of friendships that we had. I impulsively cut all ties with every single one of them instead of carefully checking which ones were the ones holding my progress off. I may have cut ties with some people who are dear to me and are still loyal because of my impulse.

"Then I woke up from that dream. This is the 5th wherein I thought I was in my reality now because I woke up from my actual room now. I kept on getting up from bed, and I was dizzy. This was another of those dreams where I am about to experience astral travelling again, I thought. I looked to my right side. There was something posted on my room's wall. Not sure if it was a heart from above and then the words ' We God are just watching you.' There was an open book at the bottom. It was exactly parted in the middle and the covers were facing me. I was confused because I did not post something like that on my wall.

"And then, I finally woke up from all those dreams."

My reply:

Hello _____!

Congratulations, your dream interpretation is correct.

Consider also the following:

1) That in order to be a complete woman independent of others you must be able to live and function without men.

2) Projection is your usual defense mechanism, that is why your Self is fragmented into more than one character in your dreams.

3) Explore the significance of water/the ocean in your dreams, because it/they is/are frequently there.

4) Romantic love and marriage are not the reasons why women exist, but society has conditioned to make all of us think so.

5) The third episode suggests to me that you are somewhat attracted to a male professor.

6) The final episode of your dream reminds you that you must be proactive in making your life a success and not rely so much on the concepts of fate and destiny.

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