Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Friday, December 8, 2017

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Tanya sent me this.

Why are none of our vehicles of aviation actually shaped like flying saucers?

Who is more advanced than whom?
It is not easy to go with the flow because it implies unconditionally forgiving and foregoing along the way.
Watched Live and Let Die, the movie that freezes Roger Moore in time between youth and the onset of ageing. This movie shows him at the peak of his beauty. Unfortunately the Bond women here give the worst performances I've ever seen, and many of the scenes are disjointed.

Love the scenes set in New Orleans and the Caribbean. A restaurant named Fillet of Soul, a store called Oh Cult Voodoo Shop, and an actual villain named Baron Samedi. Uninformed and ridiculous use of Tarot cards, and a gross misunderstanding and misrepresentation of voodoo.

The producers stepped up a lot of comedy and then decided to end everything like a horror movie.
Resumed painting God Of The Wolves.
Distances in time are best measured in terms of days.
A promised land is a state of mind, yet many people are unable to travel from one state of mind to another.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sun points its iron wand to Earth.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

You cannot fight defeat, but you can always hope to win when your time comes.
Watched A View to a Kill, which I saw on the big screen more than a decade ago. All I remembered from it were scenes of Grace Jones. This one also has a very young Christopher Walken (looking very different from his appearance in Sleepy Hollow) and Tanya Roberts (of the latter Charlie's Angels TV series).

The more I see scenes of Q, the more he is like Bruce Wayne's Alfred.

My viewing was fraught with interruptions. J. arrived with some food and ingredients that Angelique and he are cooking for dinner. Kanade and her boyfriend, Pot, came to visit under a drizzle. G. messaged me to inform me that she was able to find something I'd been looking for in Makati. Then Aubrey arrived from university--and left again to meet up with friends to begin her weekend.

That's the third DVD in my Roger Moore collection.

I have another Roger Moore set of four (Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Moonraker), but I've really had enough 007 for the day.
Thursday, December 7, 2017
Lantern row on the floor of the small loggia. Definitely easier to maintain than cacti and succulents.

Two cups very black, espresso blend.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are interconnected with fiber-optic wires.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Re-posted from my old facebook account: You cannot use blood and coffee as ink because both of them clot.
Know how to make the day your ally, know how to make the night your ally.
Go to the lone wolf only.
Do not buy jewelry unless you can see yourself wearing it.
Thieves linger in cell phone stores and often are in connivance with salespersons. That's why they know exactly whom to victimize.
As in so many stories from the beginning of time, only magic can vanquish monsters.
I wasn't with James Bond today, but that's okay.
Everyone home.

A cozy supper in the dining room.
Devils' traffic strikes again. And again. And again.

Until you acknowledge them as devils, you cannot cast them out.
You can venerate any god or goddess you want without enslaving yourself to the religious structure, liturgy, and rules that other men built round them, because, once you enslave yourself to those, it is also when you get into trouble.
Just because a foreign nation is prosperous doesn't mean that you should take on its religion.
The flower man buzzed by again after an absence of what seemed like two months. Bought two strands of sweet-smelling sampaguita and camia and placed these on the shivalingam. Libated clean water on the shivalingam.

Thursday Sessions With The Spirit Questors

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Now three shelves have potion bottle and ink bottle racks.

This is my art and popular culture bookcase. It doubles up as my potions and inks cabinet.

I love things that double up as something else. They remind me of parallel and simultaneous existences.

Six more to go for my third, art and literature, planner.

"It is the evening of the day,/
I sit and watch the children play./
Smiling faces I can see/
But not for me,/
I sit and watch as tears go by./

"My riches can't buy everything,/
I want to hear the children sing./
All I hear is the sound/
Of rain falling on the ground,/
I sit and watch as tears go by./

"It is the evening of the day,/
I sit and watch the children play./
Doing things I used to do/
They think are new,/
I sit and watch as tears go by./"
The most common DIVA melodrama formula is a mother and her daughter being conned by one, sly man.
For some people, bitter coffee is a no-no, but I like it because our bodies need bitters.
We do not want to be children forever because, when we are angry, we are more effective as angry adults.
Do not buy decor that takes up a lot of space and catches a lot of dust.
Phishing is not common among Filipinos, because Filipinos detest having to rummage through other people's trash.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Always give your enemy a dose of his own medicine.
Traditionalists are incapable of thinking differently, though they will pretend to if they have to.
Come to think of it, Kichiro Mayuzumi is due for a puppy cut at the pet salon too. And we must buy another sack of dog food.
Yesterday was Angelique's last exam day. She had dinner out with her classmates after. Today she is at the salon, for which I am spending thousands.

When I was in graduate school I stayed home after grueling exams. It is at home that I find my solace, my security, and my self.

I go out shopping when there are no exams.

I think, that is more expensive.
After two cups of black coffee, a tall glass of soy makes a great, late breakfast when it's too close to lunch time.

People who are afraid to express themselves fear not their gods but their fellow men.
After all these years, Asian men have yet to realize how horrible they look in coat and tie.

Two cups very black espresso blend.

Using my wolf mug.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are satin pincushions.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Deep in December it's nice to remember/
without the hurt, the heart is hollow/
Deep in December it's nice to remember/
the fire of September that made us mellow/
Deep in December our heart should remember/
and follow/"
Night classes

Keep a notebook beside your bed and write down everything I taught upon waking.
Watched Octopussy. More than two hours of delicious escapism.

Love the Faberge egg, the Romanov star, the scenes in India, Octopussy's island of women, and Octopussy's circus.

An era of lots of lip gloss and no cell phones.
When your spirit guides put you down, it is to force you to pause and reflect.
I am a mousse person because I am a pie person.
Every religion has yet to see that it is, by categorizing people as believers and non-believers, also a death-dealing institution.
Not everyone can give you love, but everyone can give you kindness.
An offer made always has a shelf life.
Try a leather notebook cover for every quarter or for every month of the year.
I don't go to my students. They come to me.
Rest and recharge between projects. Don't even think of your next project.
The sick and the dying will always crawl home, if not physically, in their mind.
Your psyche will always remind you of at least a hundred things to live for.

As such, everyone who commits suicide changes his mind at the last nanosecond, albeit when it is too late.
We have orange jacaranda that we call fire trees, but the violet jacaranda in Australia are truly fabulous.
It is said that a ratiles tree grows where someone was murdered.
It is said that a frangipani tree grows where a man or a woman will decide to remain unmarried throughout life.
A project can be put on hold but a relationship cannot, because, while a project can be picked up and resumed, a relationship, when picked up and resumed, can never be the same again.
When death comes, it has nothing to do with the time of year.
We seek treasure deep within the earth and in the sea, yet we neglect to seek the good in our fellow men.
Still painting God of the Wolves.
A wet day in Cubao.

A Cubao Christmas

A July of festivity
An August of romance
A September of memories
An October of art
A November of literature
A December of dreams

So now, December
Your Messenger message:

"Hi Sir Tony there is this one scene from my dream last night. Me and my mom went to somewhere in which is seemingly our old house which is now unresided. There was someone who warned us of snakes in the house. We were probing the house and then suddenly we noticed small snakes in a bottle. We walked up the stairs and then there was a black cobra who was following us, like a predator chasing its prey. It stood up and managed to wrap itself around my arm. My mom was able to get it out of my arm and I was not bitten. She was able to kill it 1st cobra. Suddenly there was another 1 that was following us, its flaps were open. We were able to escape from the house. Suddenly the scene shifted. I was with my girl friend. We were in a seemingly lrt 2 station. And when the train came, it was a wide one, maybe thrice the size of a normal lrt2 cart. There was a change in scenery instead of manila, the train was suddenly running onn a scenic view much like a mountanous shoreline. Hope you can enlighten me on this dream Sir. Thank you and regards."

My reply:

Hello _____!

Your psyche tells you to cleanse yourself of the past in order to enable you to travel into a future of true happiness.

The dream seems to indicate that many of your dark quirks are rooted in your childhood. I am reading that you were introduced to these by an older relative or friend. Your escape from the house is good, it is an indication that you are able to transcend everything that happened in your past.

I am also reading a parallelism between your mother and your girl friend. It is possible that they share many positive traits, including their attitude to you.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is an unopened gift box.

Monday, December 4, 2017

A success story, once written about in a book or featured on TV, no longer works for others.
Gamma is more powerful than alpha.
In the very last analysis it is better to be the victim of theft rather than the thief.
Sometimes you need to stop being the stage manager and start being the star.

Thursday Sessions With The Spirit Questors

Monday, December 4, 2017

Two shelves now have racks for potion bottles and ink bottles.

Now that I am retired and finally enjoying life, I wonder why my former classmates and contemporaries are frenziedly working and grasping at every opportunity to be gainfully occupied. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Retirement is all about me. It is the time to be whatever I want to be (not that it wasn't even before I retired). Nobody can tell me what to think, say, and do (not that anybody could even before I retired).
Last Halloween I gave a bag of excess candy to a three-year-old girl who was passing by with her mother on the driveway. Now, whenever she sees me, she looks at me expectantly.
This is the month in which many employees will be wangling as much free time as possible.

Other employees, wanting to go against the grain, will decide to work as much as possible, which is really a bad idea, because, come January, they will wonder where their holidays went.
If you give a man a pen, he will use that pen.

If you give a man a sword, he will use that sword.
Try to make December a month of isolation and rest. Because, why should the last day of the month always be the most stressful of all--psychologically, physically, and financially?
The werewolf stepped out and ate a chocolate ice cream cone.
Paid our utility bills, bought a sonic-electromagnetic pest shield for Aubrey's room, a bright light bulb for Angelique's study table, another potions rack, and our first cake of the month, and gathered two more stickers for my third planner at Seattle's Best.

Now kera-kera.

The secrets to our survival lie on the bottom of the ocean, still waiting to be discovered after thousands of years.
Sometimes, when a writer produces a work that he believes is the best that has ever been done, it is your duty to produce a work that is ten times better.
Atchays spend a lot of time developing slogans, catch words and phrases, and activities that compel them to congregate and see each other, for nothing else makes them more secure than that. Yet, if you look beyond everything they have done, you will find very little substance. 
Good morning, Cubao!

The messenger of love always drops in from the sky.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The 2017 Supermoon

Sunday, December 3, 2017

10:00 PM

I went up alone to the roof deck because Angelique and Aubrey were studying for their finals and not interested.

P. Tuazoj Boulevard, on the south

Theresa Towers, on the west

My nephew's tenement building, on the north
Dinner at home with the granddaughters. I just asked Angelique to buy food on their way home from their study session at the coffee shop.
Watched For Your Eyes Only, the first Roger Moore in my set. It was nice to hear Sheena Easton sing the title song once again. This movie begins with James Bond placing roses on his wife's grave. Exciting and fast-paced, but that pet parrot providing a verbal clue is quite corny--I see it everywhere, including in a TinTin comic book.

And must remind everyone that this is a collectible, sexist-era James Bond movie. They can't make movies like that anymore.
Angelique and Aubrey are studying for their finals at their favorite coffee shop.

Thought of watching Murder on the Orient Express and going to Seattle's Best but I think I'll just do that on Tuesday. My favorite Poirot remains David Suchet of the British TV series.

A series of little cloudbursts.
Whenever your loved ones are having a day of inconveniences, disappointments, frustrations,and mistakes, go inside your bedroom or magical sanctuary. Turn off the lights and harness all the wayward energies.
It is the zealous fanatic who commits suicide when disillusioned.
Tony Perez's Rules of Magical Economy:

1. Go for an albularyo's power, but do not go for an albularyo's poverty.

2. If it doesn't work, throw it away.

3. Mas madaling mabundol ang naglalakad sa daang tuwid.
Tony Perez's Rules of Magical Economy:

1. Be parsimonious, but do not simplify.

2. Less is not more, so never go for less.

3. Ang nakasuot ng ginto at brilyante ay ang panalo sa lahat.
Tony Perez's Rules of Magical Economy:

1. The gods and goddesses do not favor cheapskates.

2. The sun also shines on your enemies, but start complaining when it rains on you all the time.

3. Pahabain mo ang buhay ng mga kaaway mong minamalas.
Saturday, December 3, 2017

12:35 NN

Phat Doog Cerefina after her weekly bath

Tony Perez's Rules of Magical Economy:

1. The most effective launching distance between two points is not a straight line.

2. It is the rare and most expensive implement that really works.

3. Ang mga pangit, hindi na kailangang kulamin.
The closer one gets to the center of anything, the tighter the competition will be.

To live a stress-free life, stay as close as possible to the circumference. To live a stressful life, stay as far as possible from it.
Like all governments and all educational systems, all religions were crafted by men. Do not get tired of questioning them. Those men might have been more intelligent than you, but they were not necessarily right, for being right and being wrong are always in the context of the times.

Do not live in a world where you survive only by blindly following rules. Be truly intelligent.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is an archangel's hand on your shoulder.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tony Perez's Art of War: It is the duty of every mage to teach his enemies the lessons they deserve.
If you're watching Asia's Got Talent (or any such competition), listen to the song and instrumental numbers WITHOUT looking at the screen. Some of them will sound 100% like non-winners.
At the age of nine I knew I would be a writer. At the age of 12 I knew I would be a painter. None of these happened because I had particular role models; in fact I had none and still have none. They happened because of the continued encouragement of my grade school teachers.
If a former supervisor was not nice to you, do not be nice to him/her also, especially now that you are rid of him/her, and do not be nice to him/her at any time in the future.

If you are a writer, share your experiences through your writing without revealing anyone's identity, for it is your duty to enlighten other employees and provide them anecdotes they can learn from.
What you buy and what you have, you are obliged to maintain.
When you buy for someone you love, buy for quality and not for a bargain price.
We live a different life in his dreams, and it counts as a second lifetime.
Avoid making paintings that have meaning only to you and nothing to others.

A painting is not a projective test. It should clearly convey the artist's intent and not rely on viewers' diverse interpretations.
It is possible for a high-level mage to purchase an amulet or a talisman that is inert and then charge it with his personal energies.
A frazzling day for people trying to survive out in the city is communicated even to those who are staying at home.
Painting Day 1, God Of The Wolves
Not yet a year after his wife died, the desperate flirts are already lined up at his front and back doors.
Before the year ends, contemplate the list of things that you were able to do, over the entire year, for your SELF.
Work and study well, not work and study hard.

The latter means that you don't necessarily accomplish anything.
Good morning, Cubao!

The blazing sun is the sting of the doctor's needle.
Devils' traffic is evil. It will show up as the root, the cause, and the instrument.
Your primary karma is that your country will not solve its problems over many of your lifetimes.

Friday, December 1, 2017

The brutally frank person, rather than the hypocrite, is he whom you ultimately can trust.
It is always absence of mind that makes you seek escape through the wrong exits.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Do not try to change the mind of someone who does not like you. Instead, do not like him not only in return but also even more so.
Some people are actually getting paid full-time salaries to waste your precious time.
They zealously defend him because their continued existence relies on his continued existence.
There is one way to find out who unFriended you on facebook.

Go to your "Friends", Click on "More", and Click on "Following". You will then see all the people you are "Following"--they show up no longer as your Friends, but they still show you as Following them.

Naturally, unFollow them.
Bruce Lee's signature: The capital letters B and L show up exaggeratedly pronounced lower halves, reflecting the warrior's emphasis on the lower chakras. The consistency in size of the lower case letters indicates success in the control of emotions. The loop of each lower case e, however, is tight, meaning that he does not trust other people, especially those who seek to dominate him.
Manny Pacquiao's signature: Like a cat, he desires to establish territory in all directions. His monicker is always bigger and clearer than his actual signature, indicating that he values his image more than his true self. Unlike those in Bruce Lee's signature, his vowels are widely looped, meaning that he trusts others to a fault. Narrow letters between big swashes show that, despite the magnanimity that we see, he either finds it difficult to open up or resents giving of himself.

My dragon belt arrived!

Below: The Haring Bakal belt I'd been using for ages. (The buckle has a detachable Zippo-type lighter.)

On The Set of _Mars_: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Photos courtesy of Mars

Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a gallon of yellow house paint.

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