Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Treasures From Bohol

Regina brought me another vial of her dragon's blood oil and a small cluster of enchanted crystals this evening--and a conus gloriamaris, her Christmas gift to me in advance

Now I have a golden cowrie and a conus gloriamaris from Bohol.

You should always see your bedroom and your bed as the safest places in the world.
Some religions teach that it is good to be poor, and other religions teach that it is good to be rich.

Whatever one's religion is, there will always be poor people anyway, and it seems that there are more poor people than there are rich people.
A lot of people do not follow rules not because they cannot but because they prefer taking shortcuts.
A cup of wine is best imbibed while watching the sunset.
The ability to receive signals is not good enough. One must also be able to comprehend them on top of everything.
All cruelty is evil.
Never race yourself, or you will never stop running.
Watched the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royale, the episode that promotes agent James Bond to 00 status. It is the most exciting of the Daniel Craig trilogy so far.

Toward the end James Bond actually falls in love with a woman, which raises a red flag in the viewers' minds and seems to tell them outright that that woman must die in order for the series to continue.

As in the other two movies, the directors' idea of making Bond look vulnerable is a scene in which he is on the ground cradling someone. I am, however, already a Daniel Craig fan.

Love that Body Worlds museum.
Found a canvas for God Of The Wolves. It is small, approx 1.5' x 2', but deliberately so for ease in transit in case someone picks it up or has it shipped to Ukraine.
To this day they cannot believe that they were the lousiest hosts in radio and television. 
All things sexual--acts, jokes, innuendos--terrified him at the age of nine, and so he grew up denying himself all these, believing that others were always out to get him, and punishing himself by thinking himself most desirable yet incapable of any act of sex. 
Tony Perez's Art of War: Nothing is fair in love and in war. It is always up to you to un-tip the balance.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Anything your enemy destroys, no matter how material or how abstract, can either be repaired or replaced.

Thursday Sessions With The Spirit Questors: November 23, 2017

Metatron Panyos Bordados (Metatron Embroidered Handkerchiefs): Portable Conduits of Energy

Good noon, Cubao!

The clouds are servings of potato and cream.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Many reviewers believe that they know me because they know my works.

They are far from correct. When they finally meet me, their illusions are shattered.
Watched Quantum of Solace. The settings are more drab compared with those in other 007 movies, but I was brought to Siena and Talamone in Italy, Haiti, Bregenz in Austria, La Paz, Bolivia, and a possibly sound-set Russia. Daniel Craig is one of my favorite James Bond players, though he performs the role like a boy-man instead of Fleming's slick seducer and ruthless killer.

I've seen Skyfall_ and Quantum of Solace so far, and I see that overplaying M cuts the running time off Bond's romantic adventures with other women.

As to be expected, there are more than one sequence of spectacular destruction. I couldn't appreciate that desert hotel, though. The long shots looked like those of a cheap and unimaginative miniature model.

The lizard motif in both movies is quite perplexing.
"A reason to start over new/
And the reason is you/"
Two cups very black espresso blend.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a field of white chrysanthemums.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Night Classes

Zimbabwe is free!

Yes, Virginia, if no one else will stuff your stockings you have to stuff them yourself.

There IS a Santa Claus, and he is always YOU.

November Insanity

Top to Bottom: Angelique's planner, Aubrey's planner, and mine. My planner doesn't have cardboard calendars and plastic stencils but it has a pack of spare sheets and a black pencil with a sparkly, rhinestone ruby end.

Haven't heard "Love and Devotion", "Remember Me", and "Maiden's Prayer" on anyone's piano for a really long time.

Before Cubao got overcrowded I'd hear these on my sisters' piano or coming from somewhere in the neighborhood, very late in the afternoon.
Dedicate November to yourself.

And then dedicate December to your loved ones.
Aubrey claimed her planner after school this evening.

Three down.

Family game over.

The power animal of December is the crane. Hang an origami paper crane or two at your front door.
November plods into December, and, very soon, it will be the last month of the year.

Was it a good year for you? How much were you able to accomplish?

If you achieved little, could you make up for it before the year comes to an end?
Let your body set with the sun, to keep your blood pressure normal.
Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be wood.

Build and give shelter
Be the mansion, be the raft
Your shoulders the beams, your spine the main mast
Your mouth the bow, your words the arrows
Float on water, kindle fire
Sway with air, sheathe metal

It is wisest to claim your planner as soon as possible in case you decide to gather stickers for another one, to keep or to give away as a gift.
An afternoon with A., L., and K. discussing supernatural matters. We went to Seattle's Best so I could gather more stickers for my second planner, but L. insisted on paying.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home. Passed on a few magical items to K. Then I had to send them off so they could get home before dark.

Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be steel.

Be the blade of the sword, the tip of the dagger
The edge of the hoe, the head of the hammer
Glisten like gold, conduct like copper
Be the destroyer's ball and the physician's needle
Social media do not recognize chronological age, gender, time, and space.

When a person reads a posting, he will initially, subconsciously assume that it was made by someone of his own age and gender. Utterly regardless of whether the encoder is 80, 50, 30, 18, 12, or eight years old, whether he is a man or a woman, whether he has just risen in the morning or is being beset with insomnia at midnight, or whether he is in Bali or in Antarctica.

This is because social media users have quickly learned not to trust images on-line, which are sometimes meant to disguise rather than reveal and which are most often borrowed from different sources.

On social media, a picture is not worth more than a thousand words. It's the words that always count, that can be analyzed and interpreted, and that bear lasting messages.

Imagine all my blogs with pictures only, for example.

And then imagine my blogs only with words.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are white coffee mugs on the wall hanger of the sky.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Finished varnishing _Storyteller_.

Soon commencing _God Of The Wolves_.
This might be James Bond month for me. Am going through my suspiciously incomplete DVD sets and am screening them backwards, beginning with Skyfall, which I just finished viewing.

Skyfall has all the indications that this is a James Bond swan song, except that a title card at the end says "50 Years -- James Bond will return". The movie begins with an old-fashioned car chase--you can tell that it is deliberately old-fashioned because there is nothing so overused as cars plowing through fruit and market stalls with fruit and vegetables flying in the air. And then there are constant references to old age, retirement, and sins committed in the past.

This is a movie completely atypical of Ian Fleming'c series concept. There is no weird villain with steel dentures or diamond implants on his face. Instead, the villain is a thinking, feeling HUMAN BEING. But then again so are James Bond and M, in this episode.

The story is further un-Flemingesque because of the Freudian psychology incorporated in it. It is heavily influenced by Oedipus Rex, both embodied by Bond and the counterpart villain. Sequences of running through tunnels and underground chambers remind us of man's return to the birth canal, frequent plunges in deep water his re-immersion in the universal amniotic fluid. When M dies in James Bond's arms inside the chapel toward the end of the movie, the director lingers on two-shots (and then a three-shot with the dead villain) that remind us of a reverse Pieta.

Maybe this SHOULD be a swan song. The writer and director seem to loathe gadgets, a lot of which we see in previous 007 movies, and show us in the end that the tools of salvation are a shotgun, an old rifle, and a hunting knife. Perhaps they are better off developing a completely new series, one that will take us further into the 21st century instead of back to the 20th.
Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be earth.

Be as solid as rock and as lofty as mountains
As fertile as loam and as barren as sand
Be the battlefield and change with the seasons
Quake and cause landslides
Behold the sludge of water
The ashes of fire
The dead leaves of air
The days are as hot as in summertime, the nights are as cold as in the aftermath of a typhoon.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are bags of salted popcorn.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The storm within is more dangerous than the storm without.
No person is 100% evil, even if he wants to be so.
Love is learned by trial and error.
Stockings are the best Christmas decor. They are washable and function not only as decor but as containers as well.
I collect Chinese vases, and so I couldn't resist these ref magnets that called my name as I was walking through the center.

Now that we've completed Starbucks planner cards for my two granddaughters, I'm working on a SECOND Seattle's Best planner. I like this planner best--it seems more suited to writers and artists, and so this is the planner I go for every year.

Potions day. I transfer my potions to better-looking bottles whenever I find some.

And I found some today.

No religious person can ever live as an exemplary person to others without being a complete hypocrite.
Stay far, far away when your own parish priest or religious leader begins to envy everything you have.

Let his god chastise him.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun bleaches the blue tiles of the sky.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

We lose our fear of death because some of the people we love most die before we do.
We filled our altar table lamps with clear paraffin oil added with just a few drops of emerald green paraffin oil to produce this understated, pale, green oil.

Never let your children feel that they are competing with you, or that they have to compete with you.

The most effective way to prevent that from happening is to never compete with your own children.
I love HBO for replaying the entire Harry Potter series. I do have the entire DVD set, though. This afternoon they replayed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix following Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a day or two ago, which, to me, are the two volumes that I like the least. 
A very old book that I had hardbound was finally delivered this evening.

Watched The Red Signal from The Agatha Christie Hour. A seance for skeptics is held after a formal dinner party for five. The medium issues a dire warning. Later, a murder occurs. A love triangle is revealed.

This is the last episode in the set. I find that the situations are too implausible, the ending melodramatic. I enjoyed watching it nonetheless.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is dusted with cinnamon powder.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Two down, one to go.

Jalan-jalan afternoon with the granddaughters.

Bought enough coffee drinks to claim our second planner. This one's for Angelique. Two down, one to go.

Then bought a whole month's worth of my son Chito's medication. Found a potion bottle for Regina's dragon's blood oil and a set of chakra prisms for healing. I lay the prisms flat on the patient's chakra areas, and light is passed through the prisms. (See a version of this that I wrote about in my novel last year, Cubao Ilalim: Unang Aklat.)

Slept nine hours last night.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sparrows write your promises in cursive on the blue sheet of sky.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Good afternoon. I was looking for spirit questors and your name came up. Is the group still active? Thanks"

My reply:

"Yes, it is very much active, but we now believe that publicity is detrimental to the success of our activities. A lot of fakes copy us."

You: "Thank you for replying. How do I invite the group to look at our house. Something scaring our kid"

Me: "Send me a complete report at my e-mail address. Your narrative must be complete and coherent. I often solve cases via e-mail. Only when it is necessary to visit you will I do so."

You: "Thank you sir. I will send the email"

Send me a complete
Your Messenger message:

"Good evening, Sir @Tony. Sorry to disturb you at this time of the night... pero what do we do po? _____ has been feeling something a while ago....hindi po nya nakikita pero nararamdaman daw po nya....parang galit na nmn na spirit...ginugulo daw po sya. Tapos, bigla na lang pong sumakit ang tiyan nya...namimilipit po sya sa sakit kaya dinala po sya sa hospital. Ano po ang pwede naming gawin dun po sa gumugulo sa kanya? Please help po. Thank you."

My reply:

Hello ____, _____, and _____!

Whenever a person in your neighborhood or vicinity dies, the spirit immediately goes to _____. Since people die everyday, she will be bothered with this many times more. I thought I'd explained this to you many years ago: she is exactly like the protagonist in Ghost Whisperer.

The pain in her stomach was not her own--it was the spirit's. That was the spirit's way of telling her how he/she died. Whenever this happens, _____ should light a candle on her altar and ask the spirit for its name, address, and message.

ONLY IF POSSIBLE, _____ should visit the funeral wake and offer flowers and a candle. IF NOT INCONVENIENT, she should then relay the message to the immediate relative of the deceased--hopefully someone who will understand.

The spirit that recently went to _____, for example, was shot in the stomach, perhaps out on the street.

I realize that this is neither a pleasant situation nor a desirable one. If _____ is not willing to go out of her way and visit the relatives of the deceased--and she has the right to have that preference--she should tell the spirit--when she lights her candle--to go and look for another psychic. The spirit will respect her and move elsewhere.

Does _____ like tea? She should take a cup once every afternoon in order to ground herself.

P.S. Don't take her to hospital if you can help it. They will pump her with sedatives, anti-anxiety medication, and anti-hallucinogens, and she might get addicted to those.
Shun publicity immediately when a lot of fakes copy what you do.
This is the stone owl fetish from Greece that I place on my desk when writing and on my studio taboret when painting.

Finished varnishing Portrait of Ong Keng Sen.
We are afraid to give because the recipient might want more.
Life hinges not on technicalities but on feelings.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is primed with titanium white.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be air.

Be invisible rather than reveal your secret shapes
Make Nature swing
Beat like the hurricane
Spin like the tornado
Entwine the world with your serpent-like coils.

Cubao's Golden Sunset

November 2017
I love sitting inside the small loggia to watch the Cubao sky turn golden while the sun sets. And then I wait for the sky to turn into a rosy pink before twilight.

Watched The Mystery of the Blue Jar from The Agatha Christie Hour. A young man plays golf every morning and hears a woman's voice crying murder. He links this to an alleged murder of a woman committed by an ancestor. An attempted seance round an antique, porcelain, blue-and-white jar is held.

As usual, this story has a delightful twist.
Lunch at home with Aubrey.
The artist lives and loves intensely.

The writer distances himself from everyone.

But, I am both.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sun is a cavernous microwave oven.
Your Messenger message:

"Good morning sir Tony. I had a dream with you in it. I remember it was very clear as if it was real. I woke up with that dream still playing in my mind. Then while making coffee sort of realized i wasnt recalling a recent incident but it was actually a dream. As soon as i realized it was a dream, i started losing the details. I tried to replay the dream in my mind as to remember the details but it was like sea water washing the sands at shore.

"Now all i can remember are:
"I came to visit you . I was looking for a particular stone. You showed me a small bag of crystals. Then i said Im looking for stones and you must have kept it on a separate bag. Then you said, the stone will have no value to me. Then you gave me a wooden stick (shaped like a pestle without a mortar but not quite. Then you left and came back with a stone tablet dark aquamarine color. What captured me was you had that knowing smile, calm but strong.

"We talked more , in my dream what you said made sense like we were talking about something we both know. But now that im awake, i dont remember. I woke up very subtly with that dream. It was like i did an exit from door and not wake up to a totally different scenario. "I dont know what to make out of that dream."

My reply:

Hello _________!

You attended my night class.

Your dream summarizes your three psychic abilities for you:

--the bag of crystals, healing
--wand, manifestation magic
--stone tablet, precognition and divination

Explore how you are able to use these in everyday life. Explore with confidence and with faith in yourself. Discover which of the three you are strongest in and most comfortable with.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Watched In a Glass Darkly from The Agatha  Christie Hour. A young man stays overnight at his best friend's family's country mansion. While dressing for dinner, the young man sees a young woman being strangled by a man with a scar on his neck--he sees this in the armoire's mirror, but knows that it is a precognitive scene occurring in the adjoining room. An interesting story about jealousy.

Dinner at home alone. Angelique is sleeping over at Cath's and tomorrow will take their day trip to Tagaytay, where, among other things, she will drop by the Starbucks branch in that city. Aubrey is having dinner out with a friend, after which they will go to their favorite branch of Starbucks at the center. Both granddaughters were instructed to obtain four stickers on each of their planner cards.
Watched The Case of the Middle Aged Wife from The Agatha Christie Hour. A miserable housewife visits Parker Pyne--we recall that Parker Pyne provides adventure and happiness to the lonely and the unhappy for a fee. This was a _The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone_ minus the lust and the sex.
When figures of authority say that they are disappointed in you, do not fret about it. All it means is that you didn't say and do things the way THEY would have, because you were being yourself.

Be proud to be yourself. No matter how others punish you for it, you will never regret it. 
Some children learn about life in a roundabout way.

Let it happen. It's their journey, not yours.
"You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life/"

November 2017, Our Winter Chapel Table Lamp, Continued

Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is powdered with confectioner's sugar.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Watched _The Manhood of Edward Robinson_ from _The Agatha Christie Hour_. A mousy, bumbling, almost inadequate young man is engaged to be married. One night he gets involved in a very strange adventure far away from home, and a woman mistakes him for someone else. When they part, he is a changed man.

An interesting psychological study. We usually love normal, safe women in our circle of friends and sometimes come across other women who expect us to talk and act differently--and we find ourselves doing so.
Dinner at home with Aubrey.

Angelique and J. had dinner out, but now they are back.

Everybody home.
Two cups seven-year-old bugnay wine from Baguio City. I bought this bottle long before I retired.

Devils' traffic is there to remind you that, as soon as you leave your house, you are in hell.

Especially if you witness the diabolic possession called road rage.
A person who burns his/her candle at both ends quickly finds himself/herself in the dark.
They promised him a better career, but there were many strings attached.
Do not express your love for your children by making them overdependent on you. They will resent you after you die, and for the rest of their lives.
Envy and self-righteousness are one of the most pathetic combinations of all.
In fiction and in real life, the villains always lose. The villains in real life, however, stubbornly refuse to believe it.
Watched Jane in Search of a Job from The Agatha Christie Hour. An unemployed woman is hired to impersonate a duchess in danger of being kidnapped. Three-fourths into the story, there is a twist.

Photographed with a cinematographer's dark palette. I enjoyed watching this, but somehow wished that we'd been shown how the criminals ended up.
Two cups very black arabica from Dubai.
When you grasp  a wand to wield it, your fingerTIPS should be ON the Wand.

Never announce your mobile number or e-mail address on the air. Ninety-nine percent of inquiries will come from atchays.
Tony Perez's Art of War: As long as you have the shield, any feeling of hatred that is sent your way will bounce off the shield and go back to its sender--along with real or potential illnesses that you may have, which now become theirs and no longer yours.

Treasures From Bohol

Regina brought me another vial of her dragon's blood oil and a small cluster of enchanted crystals this evening--and a conus gloriama...