Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Photo by Marlon Cagatin

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Into the last month of the year.

It feels like last year's New Year's Eve was but yesterday.

All I have to show for it are one playwriting workshop, nine dramaturged plays, five oil portraits, one novel, and a lot of antiques shopped for.

It was two of my grandchildren's year. Angelique graduated from university and Aubrey from K-12. Then Angelique enrolled at law school and Aubrey enrolled at university.

This is a photo I took at 12:00 MN December 31, 2016.

The November leaf falls off my planner.

What a person says and how he says it are two different things.
Knowing how to relax does not mean resting in a chair, napping, sleeping at night, or going on vacation. It is the ability to remain relaxed at work, in high-anxiety situations, and during the onslaught of stress.

Knowing how to relax is an art. Everyone should master it.
The most overused words and phrases of 2017:

--I got it/You got it/I got you/You got me
--It's all good
--Going forward/Moving forward
--That's a slippery slope
--I'm stoked
--I got blindsided
--One thousand percent

--It's so fun!
--Tough love
--Now that's what I'm talking about




--Whatever works

Thursday Sessions With The Spirit Questors: November 30, 2017

November 30, 2017. These rare, Philippine seashells are called epitonium scalare, a.k.a."The Precious Wentletraps". They are prized not only by shell collectors but also by mages, who call them "suso" ("snails") and use in them in pairs as amulets because of their external, white spirals. These shells are very brittle and difficult to find undamaged.

Thursday Madness

Back from a videotaped interview on dreams for Mars at GMA-7, hosted by Suzi Abrera and Camille Pratts. The guest artists were Samantha Lopez and Boobay.
No, I don't know when this episode is airing. I never watch myself on TV.

Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are white chocolate candy bars.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The right sequence:

1) Work well and save money.
2) Retire.
3) Laze and relax.

The wrong sequence:

1) Laze and relax.
2) Retire.
3) Work well and save money.

Yet, a lot of people seem intent on following the wrong sequence.
Tentatively continued insanity

Next in line for screening is my three-disc Roger Moore collection.
Watched Licence to Kill starring Timothy Dalton. The only other time I saw him was as a prince of the forest in Flash Gordon, where he was spry and dashing. In this movie he looks rather tired and is somewhat sluggish. I feel that he was not misdirected--I feel that he was not directed at all, and was pretty much left to his own interpretation of his role. Unfortunately the screenplay renders him, during the first half of the movie, more as a small-town detective rather than as a 00.

The movie comes across as a B-grade, and gives me the impression that the producers tried to save as much money as they could. Most of the settings look like they were shot in friends' buildings and houses as they were, without any production design; only after 3/4 of the movie does that change. There are no spectacular long shots, making the movie look as though it were being shot for television rather than the big screen. Everything was low-tech. The fight routines are old, predictable, and unexciting. But, most of all, to me, it is B-grade in the sense that all of the supports, bit players, and extras were ill-chosen and could not act. The horrible dialogue didn't help them any.

The Living Daylights wouldn't open because it allegedly has a regional code that I can't fix, and so, I am passing on that.
Wondering if a third planner for my art and literature projects will serve me well. It's just that I particularly like the design of this year's planner.
If you use yellow, gold, or orange ink, avoid installing incandescent bulbs on your reading or study lamp. The ink will hardly show up under that light.
It behooves every psychic to know how to connect--and to know how to DISconnect.
I would never read oracles on a full-time basis, for a living, or for the same person more than a few times. I find that of the one million people who come to me, only one is a Perseus, or a real hero with a destiny. The other 999,999 are riff-raff who are bored, who seek entertainment, and who are too lazy to take the initiative to work for themselves, and that the atchays among those 999,999 are emotional leeches who become dependent on me. 
New dragon pen

Your Messenger message:

"sir, magandang umaga. ano pong mangyayari , nakailang bangon po ako sa akong panaginip. tho nung ibang parts alam parang malay na ko na panaginip pa rin ako kaya nung mga dulo... naghanap ako ng ibang tao, fapos prang maybkiniha ako sa nga ulo nilantapoa nagiging usok...tapos binibilog lo po sa aking kamay. tapos sinusunog ko sa kandila. after nun nagising ulit ako... pero this time ginarab ko na phone nghanap ako ng light para magising ng tuluyan. 😔 pagod na pagod ako ngayon pagkagising. salamat po ng marami."

My reply:

Hello, ________!

First, never sleep on a full stomach.

Second, you have been in disagreement with your co-workers over something. While you have consciously decided to push it away, it continues to upset you.

Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a spreadsheet of simple strategies.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Even a mage is either world-class or mediocre, for it is the duty of every mage to be a master.
Not every artist matures to greater beauty.
To every mage, every time is an in-between time.
Reading faces is a wonderful art that everyone should master, for every face tells the stories of its owner's multiple lifetimes.
The worst suspicions jump out first, and, sometimes, all of them are wrong. Always wait for the cloud, the fog, and the mist to clear before acting.
I relish waking up woozy and plunging deep into sleep once again.
Never attempt to wreak revenge on a mage.
After jalan-jalan, kera-kera.

Back from the center--it was an unforeseen jalan-jalan afternoon. I had to take Angelique to our family dentist's. Amazing how children refuse to go to the dentist unaccompanied; they seem to feel safer and more secure when you are there to talk to the dentist and take care of purchasing the necessary medication. Or is it because you go out for a treat afterward? At any rate I was able to do minor groceries while Angelique was in the chair. And claim my second Seattle's Best planner. Had to gorge myself on holiday drinks and buy some for the building security guard and the dental staff, though.

I chose the black planner this time around. Its pencil has a faux amethyst crystal on its end. I'm using the red one for my workshop syllabi and the black one for my everyday activities.

A new stall on the Sitio Catacutan hawkers' lane has opened. A neighbor is taking up baking and this morning was selling banana bread and dark-chocolate lollies. I bought a bag of lollies. I like. They have rice krispies and were shaped inside different Christmas-figure molds.
It is YOUR OWN sickness and death, NEVER the sickness and death of any of your loved ones, that is your karma.

Because, as you have your own karma, so do they have theirs, and one has nothing to do with the other. After all, you could very well have been completely unrelated  to each other in your previous lifetimes.
What you do about a situation is a thousand times more valuable than what you like or don't like about it.
Determine which part of your bedroom you first see when you open your eyes upon waking up, and arrange that part accordingly, taking care to place there your most effective power symbols.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a newly-paved sidewalk.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Anger can always drive us along the wrong pathways.
You are never the same as your ancestors, and neither will your descendants be.
You can wipe the dust off the tabletops and the shelves. But, minutes later, the wind will cover them with dust all over again.
I love working alone. I am most creative and most productive whenever I am.

I know, however, that the majority of people cannot be or work alone. They cannot control their truthful thoughts, and it drives them crazy.
Next viewing my two-disc Timothy Dalton set, but I'll do this tomorrow. I can't take more than one James Bond movie in a single day.
Nature produces many gems more beautiful than diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, and opals, but we have all been brainwashed to value only those that men price the highest, in the very same way that men place psychological price tags on religion and on art, expecting the rest of the world to follow.

You would not be less of what you are by hanging a roadside pebble round your neck or for turning your back on any man-made religion.
Watched _Die Another Day_, the fourth and last Pierce Brosnan in my set. This one's all about Korea. I'd seen it twice before, once on the big screen and the second time on TV. I viewed it again to confirm that it is the Bond film with the worst prosthetics.

Actually, this movie was controversial in its time. It was banned both in North Korea AND South Korea when it was released due to political and cultural objections. And, of course, none of the performers in the cast playing Koreans were Koreans.

I like the scenes in Cuba, but all the sets were stereotype "Cuba".

Exciting movie, though.
Lunch at home with Angelique.

Now she's off to the coffee shop to study for her finals.

And take another card to begin gathering stickers for my hopefully third planner.
My spirit guide advised me to tell you that this is THE day for a new beginning.
I never counsel people who are irritatingly in love.

All I tell them is, "Follow your heart but pay the consequences."
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a bottle of golden nectar.
Watched The World Is Not Enough, my third Pierce Brosnan. I liked this one, but for a strange reason--I liked the villains and felt sympathetic toward them. I thought that they were real, flesh-and-blood characters, and so, my suspension of disbelief was complete.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Also used this in my novel:
This was all I listened to while I was writing my novel this year:

It brought me to the gentle ocean lapping the shores of Bohol. I desired to buy the shells in the novel as souvenirs of my own experience, like an exercise in dream objectification.
"You may be right/
I may be crazy/
But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for/
It's too late to fight/
It's too late to change me/
You may be wrong for all I know/
But you may be right/"
Three-hour, deep tissue massage.
Teach only when you have all the time in the world, and only after your house and your family are well provided for.
A homely man who talks and moves well comes across as very handsome indeed.
Two cups very black espresso blend.

Angelique's fourth weekend volunteering to assist at the 2017 bar exams. Gives her a preview of the prospective future.
The breezes swirl through the tops of the trees, but only I can see them.

On the driveway, a neighbor trudges home from the marketplace as though unhappy with his purchase.

Dead leaves fall, but only I can hear them.

They are the footsteps of elves. Of trips to and from the grocery store. Of the man inside me who desires to go out and invite my neighbor to a heartier meal.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are trip tickets on acrylic clipboards.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Every writer writes even in his sleep, every painter paints even in his sleep.
If  a magical apprentice does not understand you, do not bother to explain yourself to him. He is better off with another master, and you are better off with another apprentice.
Watched Tomorrow Never Dies. This time China comes into the picture, pun intended, and two of the features are Michelle Yeoh and another fantasy car. Now EVERYONE talks like tapes played on high speed, so that, to a person who knows no English, they sound like adult chipmunks. In every sequence where people walk fast, they also waddle forward like stilted, mechanized robots. It seems that this kind of talking and walking is as contagious to everyone as the use of the word "absolutely".

As in most Bond movies:

--the gender problem is the portrayal of women as being as cumbersome to the secret agents as the actual espionage, and thus being cumbersome to the story line.
--the true challenge is never presented, and never will be, which is to give all of the gadgets to the enemy and allow James Bond to triumph using sheer will, physical prowess, and sharpness of mind.

The exciting chase through the streets of Vietnam reminds me of what a flop the Manila chase scene in The Bourne Legacy was. The cameraman just couldn't be industrious with his shots because no one in the production foresaw that, in Manila, wherever you shoot, there is more than one billboard and multiple advertisements--none of which paid the producers anything--in the background.

And why is it that in all Bond movies, NO ONE gets hit when people shoot through ladders, railings, cyclone fences, and grilles, and so why do they bother to shoot at all? 
Your Messenger message:

"Good morning, Tony! I dreamt of being busy with teaching and other work at the ________ in _____. There is a scene in the dream where i tried on clothes but the one I liked wearing was a pair of denim cullottes.

"As i have taken an additional vow in ( real life ), I was aware even in my dream that there are clothes I could no longer wear, so i kept on asking 'Does this come on as jeans ? Or it is loose enough to look like culottes. I was assured by others that, indeed, they look like cullottes, not jeans.

"Strangely, a close friend of long ago who died in August was with me in my dream. She and i were often together. As it was dark in the ________ area at night, i felt safe walking with two of my ____ students always trailing behind us as we go home. One of the ____s is identifiable while the other is not. He is one of my favorite students in terms of character but he is one of two who flunked last semester.

"In this dream, i was very happy in that pair of culottes and happy there were always two ____s walking behind my friend and me.

"Can you interpret the above dream?"

My reply:

Hello _________!

Whenever we do vows or consciously change our lifestyles and our values, our old self still lingers, thus rendering the change incomplete especially on the level of the unconscious. Real change does not occur when we deliberately engineer it, it happens only from the inside going out, and it happens when we are truly ready, not when we want it to happen.

The culottes represent your clinging on, albeit by a thread, to a previous lifestyle.

Your dead friend represents your old self--not your dead self, for even our dead selves can come back to haunt us.

The students who walk behind you in your dream represent your defense mechanisms. The darkness represents your fear--perhaps fear of regression, or fear of the unknown.

Reread the last sentence of your dream narrative:

"In this dream, i was very happy in that pair of culottes and happy there were always two ____s walking behind my friend and me."

Do you see the answer now?

Meaningful change is not destroying and rejecting the old in order to take in the new. It is taking in the new and merging it with the old, for both realities comprise the yin and the yang in our lives.
Good morning, Cubao!

We dive into the sky in search of the most precious pearls.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Contrary to what everyone else believes, talent can be asked for and acquired, not from human beings or institutions but from spirit guides. Each of us is born with the highest intelligence and immense talent, but only our spirit guides can awaken our sensibilities and open the right doors to the things that we are capable of doing best.
Knitting is my least favorite medium because I wish to knit without making my work look like knitting. Since that is next to impossible, I find it extremely restricting.

I can paint in oils and make it look like a watercolor or a photograph, among other things.

I can write and make my work seem like I actually murdered a person or lived on the planet Mars, among other things.

Yet, when I knit, the stitches dictate my work, whether I use big needles or small needles.
Two psychological states motivate a person more than anything else: peace of mind and anger over injustice.
The magic hand is always more powerful than the invisible hand, for, while the invisible hand is controlled by human beings in worldly authority, the magic hand is controlled by high-ranking spirits in cosmic authority.
Whether your children are male or female, allow them to be assertive and demanding. It teaches them to stand for themselves in this world of prejudice and injustice.
You cannot sign up as an apprentice to a master who does not want you.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Allow your enemies to think that you are miserable and suffering, when in fact you are enriching yourself, having the time of your life, and becoming more and more powerful.
Dinner at home with Aubrey.

Angelique and J. arrived from their study session at Seattle's Best and dinner out.

Now I need only six more holiday drinks for my second Seattle's Best planner.

Should have checked into a hotel for one week with a friend to view the entire 007 collection.
Your Messenger message:

"Good day Sir Tony,
"You adviced me to have a dream book but when I have this dream. I goes like this I pulled two cards and I remembered perfectly the two cards and its interpretations but then I woke up and remembered it perfectly in a different way, its was now a different card from the first. This cycle of a dream within a dream happened several times that when I woke up for real. I remembered that the last dream was not the two cards I had initially but the first cards was maybe a 9 and a queen but at the same time I am now confused and I dont know what cards are there in the first place. Thanks

"When I woke I was watching the movie 'now you see ' a movie about magicians.. 🙂"

My reply:

Hello ______!

Remember all the sets of cards you saw, and record them. Then interpret them within the context of what they mean to you. As I have often said, the dreamer is the best interpreter of his own dream.

Your psyche's indirect way of sending overwhelming messages is through card reading. Read the cards as though you drew them for your own, and then you will "see".
Actually, you cannot stop the water by plugging your finger into the hole of a dam. 
Now into my four-disc, Pierce Brosnan set. Watched Goldeneye. This seems more faithful to the 1960s, when it was all about Russia. It has all the hallmarks of the original concept: Batman-like sets, gadgets that are put into play a la deus ex machina, a featured power car, women portrayed as sex objects and playthings, mostly chunky and fancy jewelry, boxy computers, witty flirtations, and 60s repartee and humor. I have problems with Bond's female partner in this episode; in putting on a Russian accent she speaks like a tape recorder played on high speed.

The minor villains here are carried all the way through the end, unlike in the Daniel Craig series, in which villains and minor characters are killed off  in series and then replaced with other minor villains and minor characters.
Now Angelique and J. are off to Seattle's Best to study for final exams. And gather more stickers, of course.

In the meantime Aubrey arrived from her sleepover at her classmate's house, where they worked on a group project. And is now upstairs in her bedroom, sleeping.
Still gathering stickers.

I like taking my drinks in my TinTin mug.

To understand and to forgive are two different things.
"You Raise Me Up" and "Danny Boy" can be sung together.
A dreamcatcher should hang at your window, but your pillow should have a dreamcatcher pattern too.
Overcast skies above Cubao.

The cloud fairies have turned off their reading lights.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sun is a bisque porcelain teapot.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A tall, enchanted, male being resides in this tiny, crystal cluster.

When facebook Notifies me that Friends are interested in going to an event near me, I always find out that the event is not near me at all.
When you deprive a child of food, he will only swear to himself that, as soon as he can afford it, he will eat what he likes to his heart's content.

Treasures From Bohol

Regina brought me another vial of her dragon's blood oil and a small cluster of enchanted crystals this evening--and a conus gloriamaris, her Christmas gift to me in advance

Now I have a golden cowrie and a conus gloriamaris from Bohol.

You should always see your bedroom and your bed as the safest places in the world.
Some religions teach that it is good to be poor, and other religions teach that it is good to be rich.

Whatever one's religion is, there will always be poor people anyway, and it seems that there are more poor people than there are rich people.
A lot of people do not follow rules not because they cannot but because they prefer taking shortcuts.
A cup of wine is best imbibed while watching the sunset.
The ability to receive signals is not good enough. One must also be able to comprehend them on top of everything.
All cruelty is evil.
Never race yourself, or you will never stop running.
Watched the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royale, the episode that promotes agent James Bond to 00 status. It is the most exciting of the Daniel Craig trilogy so far.

Toward the end James Bond actually falls in love with a woman, which raises a red flag in the viewers' minds and seems to tell them outright that that woman must die in order for the series to continue.

As in the other two movies, the directors' idea of making Bond look vulnerable is a scene in which he is on the ground cradling someone. I am, however, already a Daniel Craig fan.

Love that Body Worlds museum.
Found a canvas for God Of The Wolves. It is small, approx 1.5' x 2', but deliberately so for ease in transit in case someone picks it up or has it shipped to Ukraine.
To this day they cannot believe that they were the lousiest hosts in radio and television. 
All things sexual--acts, jokes, innuendos--terrified him at the age of nine, and so he grew up denying himself all these, believing that others were always out to get him, and punishing himself by thinking himself most desirable yet incapable of any act of sex. 
Tony Perez's Art of War: Nothing is fair in love and in war. It is always up to you to un-tip the balance.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Anything your enemy destroys, no matter how material or how abstract, can either be repaired or replaced.

Thursday Sessions With The Spirit Questors: November 23, 2017

Metatron Panyos Bordados (Metatron Embroidered Handkerchiefs): Portable Conduits of Energy

Good noon, Cubao!

The clouds are servings of potato and cream.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Many reviewers believe that they know me because they know my works.

They are far from correct. When they finally meet me, their illusions are shattered.
Watched Quantum of Solace. The settings are more drab compared with those in other 007 movies, but I was brought to Siena and Talamone in Italy, Haiti, Bregenz in Austria, La Paz, Bolivia, and a possibly sound-set Russia. Daniel Craig is one of my favorite James Bond players, though he performs the role like a boy-man instead of Fleming's slick seducer and ruthless killer.

I've seen Skyfall_ and Quantum of Solace so far, and I see that overplaying M cuts the running time off Bond's romantic adventures with other women.

As to be expected, there are more than one sequence of spectacular destruction. I couldn't appreciate that desert hotel, though. The long shots looked like those of a cheap and unimaginative miniature model.

The lizard motif in both movies is quite perplexing.
"A reason to start over new/
And the reason is you/"
Two cups very black espresso blend.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a field of white chrysanthemums.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Night Classes

Zimbabwe is free!

Yes, Virginia, if no one else will stuff your stockings you have to stuff them yourself.

There IS a Santa Claus, and he is always YOU.

November Insanity

Top to Bottom: Angelique's planner, Aubrey's planner, and mine. My planner doesn't have cardboard calendars and plastic stencils but it has a pack of spare sheets and a black pencil with a sparkly, rhinestone ruby end.

Haven't heard "Love and Devotion", "Remember Me", and "Maiden's Prayer" on anyone's piano for a really long time.

Before Cubao got overcrowded I'd hear these on my sisters' piano or coming from somewhere in the neighborhood, very late in the afternoon.
Dedicate November to yourself.

And then dedicate December to your loved ones.
Aubrey claimed her planner after school this evening.

Three down.

Family game over.

The power animal of December is the crane. Hang an origami paper crane or two at your front door.
November plods into December, and, very soon, it will be the last month of the year.

Was it a good year for you? How much were you able to accomplish?

If you achieved little, could you make up for it before the year comes to an end?
Let your body set with the sun, to keep your blood pressure normal.
Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be wood.

Build and give shelter
Be the mansion, be the raft
Your shoulders the beams, your spine the main mast
Your mouth the bow, your words the arrows
Float on water, kindle fire
Sway with air, sheathe metal

It is wisest to claim your planner as soon as possible in case you decide to gather stickers for another one, to keep or to give away as a gift.
An afternoon with A., L., and K. discussing supernatural matters. We went to Seattle's Best so I could gather more stickers for my second planner, but L. insisted on paying.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home. Passed on a few magical items to K. Then I had to send them off so they could get home before dark.

Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be steel.

Be the blade of the sword, the tip of the dagger
The edge of the hoe, the head of the hammer
Glisten like gold, conduct like copper
Be the destroyer's ball and the physician's needle
Social media do not recognize chronological age, gender, time, and space.

When a person reads a posting, he will initially, subconsciously assume that it was made by someone of his own age and gender. Utterly regardless of whether the encoder is 80, 50, 30, 18, 12, or eight years old, whether he is a man or a woman, whether he has just risen in the morning or is being beset with insomnia at midnight, or whether he is in Bali or in Antarctica.

This is because social media users have quickly learned not to trust images on-line, which are sometimes meant to disguise rather than reveal and which are most often borrowed from different sources.

On social media, a picture is not worth more than a thousand words. It's the words that always count, that can be analyzed and interpreted, and that bear lasting messages.

Imagine all my blogs with pictures only, for example.

And then imagine my blogs only with words.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are white coffee mugs on the wall hanger of the sky.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Finished varnishing _Storyteller_.

Soon commencing _God Of The Wolves_.
This might be James Bond month for me. Am going through my suspiciously incomplete DVD sets and am screening them backwards, beginning with Skyfall, which I just finished viewing.

Skyfall has all the indications that this is a James Bond swan song, except that a title card at the end says "50 Years -- James Bond will return". The movie begins with an old-fashioned car chase--you can tell that it is deliberately old-fashioned because there is nothing so overused as cars plowing through fruit and market stalls with fruit and vegetables flying in the air. And then there are constant references to old age, retirement, and sins committed in the past.

This is a movie completely atypical of Ian Fleming'c series concept. There is no weird villain with steel dentures or diamond implants on his face. Instead, the villain is a thinking, feeling HUMAN BEING. But then again so are James Bond and M, in this episode.

The story is further un-Flemingesque because of the Freudian psychology incorporated in it. It is heavily influenced by Oedipus Rex, both embodied by Bond and the counterpart villain. Sequences of running through tunnels and underground chambers remind us of man's return to the birth canal, frequent plunges in deep water his re-immersion in the universal amniotic fluid. When M dies in James Bond's arms inside the chapel toward the end of the movie, the director lingers on two-shots (and then a three-shot with the dead villain) that remind us of a reverse Pieta.

Maybe this SHOULD be a swan song. The writer and director seem to loathe gadgets, a lot of which we see in previous 007 movies, and show us in the end that the tools of salvation are a shotgun, an old rifle, and a hunting knife. Perhaps they are better off developing a completely new series, one that will take us further into the 21st century instead of back to the 20th.
Be water, my friend.

But also know when to be earth.

Be as solid as rock and as lofty as mountains
As fertile as loam and as barren as sand
Be the battlefield and change with the seasons
Quake and cause landslides
Behold the sludge of water
The ashes of fire
The dead leaves of air
The days are as hot as in summertime, the nights are as cold as in the aftermath of a typhoon.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are bags of salted popcorn.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The storm within is more dangerous than the storm without.
No person is 100% evil, even if he wants to be so.
Love is learned by trial and error.
Stockings are the best Christmas decor. They are washable and function not only as decor but as containers as well.
I collect Chinese vases, and so I couldn't resist these ref magnets that called my name as I was walking through the center.

Now that we've completed Starbucks planner cards for my two granddaughters, I'm working on a SECOND Seattle's Best planner. I like this planner best--it seems more suited to writers and artists, and so this is the planner I go for every year.

Potions day. I transfer my potions to better-looking bottles whenever I find some.

And I found some today.

No religious person can ever live as an exemplary person to others without being a complete hypocrite.
Stay far, far away when your own parish priest or religious leader begins to envy everything you have.

Let his god chastise him.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun bleaches the blue tiles of the sky.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

We lose our fear of death because some of the people we love most die before we do.
We filled our altar table lamps with clear paraffin oil added with just a few drops of emerald green paraffin oil to produce this understated, pale, green oil.

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